6th Annual  Pennsylvania Statewide Conference on
Abandoned Mine Reclamation
June 9-10 Technical Session         June 11-12 Watershed Session
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA


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In-Situ Treatment of Coal-Based Acid Mine Drainage At the Tide Mine Site in Pennsylvania

James Harrington,  ARCADIS

This presentation present an overview of an in-situ treatment technology designed to remediate AMD in a coal mine. The technology is being applied as a demonstration project at the Tide Mine site located in Indiana County, Pennsylvania by the Blacklick Creek Watershed Association and ARCADIS. The treatment technology involves transforming an environment where sulfide oxidation reactions are occurring to one where sulfate reduction reactions are occurring on the host rock and in the mine pool. The ARCADIS approach includes a three-part process involving pH adjustment of the mine pool, displacement of oxygen in the environment above the mine pool, and development of an anaerobic, sulfate-reducing environment within the mine pool by providing organic carbon in the form of readily degradable sugars and alcohols. As a direct result of the applied technology, the pH of the water in the mine pool is neutralized and dissolved metal concentrations are stabilized through the formation of sulfide, hydroxide, and carbonate-containing precipitates. Over time, as equilibrium is established for these metal phases, metal concentrations are decreased and the formation of AMD is prevented. The application of this proprietary process results in a sustainable, economical, in-situ technology that is easy to implement and requires minimal infrastructure.