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Western PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation

Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation

Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

Western PA Conservancy Watershed Assistance Center

Stream Restoration Inc.

PA Environmental Council

PA Organization for Watersheds and Rivers

Eastern Coal Regional Roundtable

Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Saint Vincent College Environmental Education Center

National Mine Land Reclamation Center

USGS Mine Drainage Interest Group

Acid Drainage Technology Initiative


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About this site

The AMR Clearinghouse was established to meet a need for a convenient source of pertinent web-based information for watershed associations whose watersheds have been impacted by mining practices of the past.


Pennsylvania has embraced the concept of the Watershed Approach in tackling the issues within watersheds.  This local, grassroots approach has proven to be very effective in allowing local will to determine the courses of action taken within a watershed.  Within the past few years dozens of new watershed associations have been formed in Pennsylvania.  Because these watershed associations are comprised of local citizens coming from diverse backgrounds, often with little training in the concepts and methodologies of running a watershed association, a need exists to supply these organizations with information.  This website is one of the mechanisms  targeting these newer watershed associations with pertinent information on a broad array of subjects.

While the emphasis is placed on providing information to newer watershed associations in Pennsylvania  having been impacted by abandoned mine drainage (AMD) and related issues, much of the information provided is also valuable to anyone who has interests in watersheds and AMD.  We hope, for instance, the site will be a valuable resource for high schools students interested in environmental issues.  We welcome the use of the website by anyone has has interest or need.

Purpose of guide

This website is intended to familiarize citizens and grassroots groups with the history and chemistry of abandoned mine drainage (AMD) and to provide the information needed to attack the problem creek by creek, river by river, until the waters of Pennsylvania once again run clean.

The website provides an overview of the process of cleaning-up AMD and the role that citizens and grassroots groups can play in that process. Additionally, the website provides links to other websites having valuable information, making it an efficient guide to web-based content.

This is not a technical or regulatory document: it is a guide for citizens who want to join with public agencies, universities, businesses, industry and other watershed stakeholders, to do something about AMD in their watersheds.


This website is organized by major subject areas, listed across the top of the page.  For instance this page is listed under the subject area "introduction".  While viewing a particular subject, a menu of topics is listed on the left hand portion of the page.  Each of these topics is a link to a content page provided on the website.  What you are reading now is in the content area of the page.  This simple mechanism is applied consistently throughout the website.

Using this guide

This website strives for consistency.  We use the same layout scheme and typography throughout  the site.  We also provide some features to help you make the most of the site.

Use of text boxes

Inset Box - (sometimes called a Sidebar)  A text box in this style is generally used when a related topic deserves special treatment. 

External link box -  A text box in this style will contain a link to another (external) website.  As an example, here's a link to the search engine Google. There will generally be some brief description of the link.  In addition, when followed, the link will cause a new browser window to be opened.  This means that the browser window with the original link will remain in place.

Reference Box - A text box that describes an external reference that is not Internet based, such as a book or a video.

Print friendly presentation on demand

There may be circumstances where you may want to print the content of a topic.  If you print the page (using the File->Print mechanism) you will print both the top and side menu bars as well as the content, and the results may not be altogether acceptable.  This website uses a technique that will provide a printer friendly version.

For most of the topics, you may notice these two graphics:   in the upper right hand portion of the content window. To get the printer friendly version, click on the graphic, which will then display only the content area.  (Using the File->Print mechanism will then produce a much better printout. )  Following printing, you will likely want to get the menus back for navigation.  Clicking on the  graphic will restore the menus.




A significant amount of  information on this website was largely taken or derived from the EPA Region 3 publication A Citizen's Guide to Address Contaminated Coal Mine Drainage, EPA-903-K-97-003.  Particular thanks go to Bob Runowski.